Ziddi Drama Cast Name, Pics, Release Date, Stroy

Ziddi Drama Cast, Ziddi is a recently premiered television drama series on Aan TV. It revolves around the Ahmed family, who face various obstacles imposed by society. Osman Ahmed, the head of the family, is responsible for guiding his household, which includes his three daughters named Rida, Samra, and Dua, as well as his married son Zahid. Now, let’s delve into the complete cast of Fareb, including their names, photographs, and brief descriptions of their respective characters.

Ziddi Drama Cast

The primary cast of Ziddi includes renowned actresses Azekah Daniel, and Nida Khan, and accomplished actors Shamoon Abbasi and Behroz Sabzawar. The drama also boasts a talented supporting cast, featuring notable actors like Shehriyar Zaidi, Afraz Rasool, Mizna Waqas, and several others, who portray significant roles in the series.

  • Azekah Daniel
  • Afraz Rasool
  • Nida Khan
  • Behroz Sabzawari
  • Mizna Waqas
  • Shehryar Zaidi
  • Shamoon Abbasi
Title Ziddi
Channel Name Aan TV
Drama Timing Monday to Friday at 7:00 p.m.
Release Date 1st May 2023
Directed By Dilawar Malik
Written By Dilshad Nasim
Production Company TNI Entertainment

Ziddi Drama Timing, Release Date

Ziddi Drama is scheduled to release on May 1, 2023, airing from Monday to Friday at 7:00 PM exclusively on Aan TV channel.

Azekah Daniel

Azekah Daniel

Azekah Daniel, a prominent Pakistani actress, has showcased her talent in various notable roles. Notably, she portrayed the lead character of Noor Jehan in the dramas “Noor Jehan,” “Hooriya Malaal-e-Yaar,” and “Sara” in “Tera Gham Aur Hum.” In addition, she has left a lasting impression with her performances in “Aao Laut Chalain,” “Balaa,” and “Cheekh.”

Afraz Rasool

Afraz Rasool

Afraz Rasool, a charming actor, model, and former VJ from Pakistan has gained recognition for his notable performance as a supporting actor in the highly popular drama series ‘Yaqeen Ka Safar’ and as the lead protagonist in the recent drama series ‘Ziddi’ (2023).

Nida Khan

Nida Khan

Nida Khan, a talented Pakistani actress and fashion model, has made her mark in the entertainment industry through numerous TV commercials, fashion shows, and impactful social media campaigns. She has garnered recognition for her notable portrayal of Hina in the popular drama series ‘Mein Hari Piya,’ which is broadcasted on Ary Digital.

Ziddi Drama Story

Rida, a determined and unconventional young woman, relentlessly chases her aspiration of achieving stardom, disregarding the consequences. In contrast, Dua, the youngest daughter, maintains an optimistic and encouraging attitude, standing by her parents through the various challenges the family encounters. Nevertheless, Rida’s relentless pursuit of her ambitions triggers a series of chaotic events that dramatically impact the entire family’s life.

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