Thori Sazish Thori Mudakhlat Telefilm Cast – Name, Pics, Story

Thori Sazish Thori Modakhlat a Pakistani 14th of August Telefilm that aired in the UK on Hum TV. Thori Sazish Thori Mudakhlat telefilm full cast name, story, writer, timing, and OST. Hina Altaf plays the lead part. Hum TV is known for creating exciting telefilms for every holiday. Let’s take a look at Thori Sazish Thori Mudakhlat actor and actress information.

Thori Sazish Thori Mudakhlat Telefilm Cast

The actors in Thori Sazish Thori Mudakhlat features some of Pakistan’s most well-known television actor and actresses. The main role in the telefilm is going to be performed by Hina Altaf who is most well-known for her role in dramas such as Dil Zaar Zaar as well as Kasa-e Dil. Hina Altaf will also be joined by Junaid Khan, who has been a part of popular drama series like Hum Tum Mohabbatain the Chahatain and Berukhi. The show also stars Fazila Qazi who is among the most talented actresses in Pakistan. She has previously appeared in the serial drama Dil Awaiz.

  • Hina Altaf
  • Junaid Khan
  • Fazila Qazi
  • Qavi Khan
  • Hina Dilpazir
  • Raaf Chaudhary
Title Thori Sazish Thori Mudakhlat
Genre Drama
Channel Name Hum TV
Total Episode 1
Lead Cast Hina Altaf, Junaid Khan
Release Date 14 August 2022
Directed By Mazhar Moin
Produced By Momina Duraid

Timing & Day: 9:00 pm only on Hum TV

Hina Altaf

Hina Altaf

The stunning and talented Hina Altaf plays the lead actress in the Telefilm. We’re sure Hina Altaf will give an amazing role in this Telefilm and we cannot wait to see it!

Junaid Khan

Junaid Khan

The main part of the Telefilm is played by the incredible Junaid Khan. The Telefilm will showcase his incredible acting skills and we’re excited to watch it!

Thori Sazish Thori Mudakhlat Story

Thori Sazish Thori’s telefilm story is a mix of emotions and excitement. Hina Altaf and Junaid Khan perform the leading parts. The telefilm focuses on the difficulties facing Muslims prior to they was able to establish the Azadi from Pakistan. Qavi Khan’s acting skills are outstanding in this show. Hina Altaf is a skilled actress. She began her career as an actor in the year 2012 and has appeared in a variety of successful dramas.

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