Ary Digital always produces exciting reality shows for viewers. Its latest reality show, The Ultimate Muqabla is a 2022 reality show that airs through Ary Digital. This Ultimate Muqabla show cast features several famous showbiz stars and cricket. You’ll be able to see your favorite actors as well as cricket players on this reality show, with new thrills. It features fourteen contestants as well as seven teams. The show is comprised of many difficult games that are played by the most famous. Find out all the details regarding “The Ultimate Muqabla”.

The Ultimate Muqabla Cast

ARY Digital is ready to unveil its brand new game program The Ultimate Muqabla after the popularity of Tamasha. The show will feature many of the most famous stars from the Pakistani industry and the sports community and is set to be a delightful game on television at this moment. From cricketers to celebrities A total number of 14 celebs were taken on an island in Thailand in Thailand, where they competed to win the top spot on the thrilling reality show which is appropriately named The Ultimate Muqabla and is set to be airing shortly.

The Ultimate Muqabla Cast Name

Azam Khan (Athlete)
Farah Butt (Actor)
Mariyam Nafees (Actor)
Faiza Khan (Actor)
Neha Khan (Actor)
Mehrunisa Iqbal (Actor)
Sehar Afzal (Actor)
Nusrat Hidayatullah (Fitness Trainer)
Saeed Ajmal (Cricketer)
Kamran Akmal (Cricketer)
Imad Wassen (Cricketer)
Fawad Alam (Cricketer)
Haroon Shahid (Singer, Actor)
Hammad Farooqui (Actor)

Ultimate Muqabla Host

The Ultimate Muqabla reality show is hosted by Shoaib Malik.

Ultimate Muqabla Location of Shooting

The production is shot in stunning Phuket, Thailand.

Release Date

The Ultimate Muqabla will start on 15th October 2022.

Ultimate Muqabla Timing & Day

Every Saturday from 9:00 PM only exclusively on Ary Digital.

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What exactly is “The Ultimate Muqabla?”

The game show has a variety of tests that celebrities need to endure in order to compete to be the best. The show is filmed in Phuket, Thailand, the show is populated by cricket stars and celebrities that have an enormous fan base across the nation. To date, many famous personalities and celebrities have posted photos on social media in order to create anticipation for the show.

The Ultimate Muqabla – Teaser for Game Show

As of now, it’s not yet confirmed what time the program will be aired on the internet. However, it is likely to happen that ARY Digital will air The Ultimate Muqabla immediately after Tamasha is finished. The current show has been an enormous success It is expected to be that ARY Digital will not be eager to stop the show anytime in the near future.

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