Tania Tahir complete list of novels is available to download. You can also browse the online version of Tania Tahir Novels. She has written novels about forced marriages and later, she has to deal with issues after the wedding. She is extremely sensitive and writes about real issues about Pakistani girls. Tania Tahir began writing novels a few years ago, however in time she gained a lot of attention. She wrote more than six novels, and all of them are extremely well-known novels. Her most well-known book can be described as Ye Dil Ashiqana. She wrote novels about the illusions like marriage by force and the challenges a girl faces after marriage. She also wrote an article for CZN marriage. Actually, she was a model for girls and that’s the way she’s famous among girls. Here’s a List of Tania Tahir Novels.

Tania Tahir Novels PDF

Tania Tahir’s novel is available to download. The novels can be downloaded in PDF format and also be able to read the books. The novels are not available for download because our team is working on converting them to pdf for readers. I’m sure you’ll be able to read it in the next few days.

Dhongiyaan Shamaan Novel Download Online
Aankhain Teri Novel Download Online
Deewani Yaar Di Novel Download Online
Ye Dil Ashiqana Novel Download Online
Gharoor Novel Download Online
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Aankhein Teri Novel by Tania Tahir

Aankhain Teri is an Urdu Romantic novel the Rude Hero Urdu’s latest Love novel, Revenge, Suspense, Scarifies, and a gorgeous Hero Urdu-based novel. Sneak Peak of Aankhain Teri. The first day of school. For those who are weak students, this could be the most dangerous day in their lives. She could tell at that glance that he was not up to the task. She didn’t even want to go to this school. After she completed her BA she was determined to continue her education in private. However, due to Papa’s stubbornness, she had to quit. She was a shy and shy girl. She was also apathetic.

Yeh Dil Aashiqana Novel by Tania Tahir

Yeh Dil Aashiqanaa by Tania Tahir, a full novel. The novel is set in romantic Urdu novels that highlighted the family and social issues we face. The story of the novel centers around social issues, marriage-based novels, after Nikah Based novels as well as Friendship-based novels, Multiple Couples Based Novels, and love stories. It is a well-known romantic, social Urdu novel that is published in the group of Prime Urdu Novels.

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