Standup Girl Drama Cast – Name, Pics, Release Date & Story

Standup Girl, a fresh Pakistani television series, is currently being broadcast on Green TV. The narrative revolves around Zara, shedding light on the challenges women face in society. The cast of Standup Girl includes Zara Noor Abbas, Danyal Zafar, Sohail Ahmed, and various other talented individuals. Adeel Afzal is the writer of the drama, while Kashif Nisar takes on the role of director. Qasier Ali is credited as the producer of Standup Girl.

Standup Girl Drama Cast

Danyal Zafar and Zara Noor Abbas are integral members of the primary cast in the television series Standup Girl. The drama serial also features Saad Azhar, Sohail Ahmad, Saba Faisal, Adnan Shah Tipu, Farah Tufail, Saqib Sameer, Maira Khan, Tamkinat, Saad Azhar, Ali Jaan, Ahmad Abdur Rahman, Afifa Shah, Arham Khan, Adeel Afzal, Aliaster, Shehrezade Peerzada, Shahreen Iftikar, Arshad Niazi, Annie Tahira, and Zaryab.

Genres Drama
Writers Awais Ahmad & Adeel Afzal
Script Supervised by Bee Gul
Directors  Kashif Nisar
Producers Qaiser Ali
Release Date 21 Dec 2023
Day & Air Time Friday at 08:00 PM
Channel Name Green Entertainment
Productions Multiverse Entertainment
  • Zara Noor Abbas
  • Danyal Zafar
  • Sohail Ahmed
  • Saba Faisal
  • Adnan Shah Tipu
  • Farah Tufail
  • Saqib Sameer
  • Maira Khan
  • Saad Azhar
  • Arham Khan
  • Adeel Afzal
  • Sheherzade Noor Peerzada
  • Zaryab Haider
  • Tamkenat Mansoor
  • Shahreen Iftikhar
  • Annie Tahira
  • Arshad Niazi

Drama Timing Release Date

Standup Girl is scheduled to be released on December 21, 2023. Viewers can catch this drama every Thursday and Friday at 8:00 pm on Green TV Entertainment.

Zara Noor Abbas

Zara Noor Abbas

Zara Noor Abbas portrayed the central character named Zara in the drama Standup. At 32 years old, she has been married to Pakistani actor Asad Siddiqui since 2017. Zara is the daughter of the renowned actress Asma Abbas and the niece of Bushra Ansari. Her most recent drama, titled “Jhoom,” aired in 2023, where she shared the screen with Haroon Kadwani.

Danyal Zafar

Danyal Zafar

Danyal Zafar took on the lead character Kabir, starring alongside Zara Noor Abbas. Recognized as the younger sibling of renowned singer Ali Zafar, he gained acclaim for his role in the well-known drama “Tana Bana” alongside actress Alizeh Shah. With exceptional singing and acting abilities, he is currently 26 years old.

Sohail Ahmed

Sohail Ahmed

Sohail Ahmed, a seasoned Pakistani actor, played a pivotal role as the grandfather of Zara Noor Abbas, charming his fans with his comedic brilliance. Renowned for his role in the successful drama “Jeevan Nagar,” he currently stands at 60 years of age.

Standup Girl Drama Story

The narrative of the television series Standup Girl centers around a girl, with Zara Noor Abbas and Danyal Zafar taking on the lead roles. The drama sheds light on the challenges encountered by women in society. Sohail Ahmed, who gained recognition for his performance in the super hit drama “Jeevan Nagar,” will bring a new character to life, adding to the entertainment with his exceptional acting skills.

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