Sharafat Ali Baloch Biography, Sharafat Ali Baloch, a renowned Pakistani artist or band, is the subject of our quest. We are in search of a comprehensive biography, intriguing career insights, and personal life anecdotes. Our curiosity extends to uncovering specifics regarding Sharafat Ali Baloch’s height, true name, marital status, as well as details about their family. Moreover, we are eager to explore Sharafat Ali Baloch’s online presence, including their Wiki, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media profiles. Additionally, we are keen to discover information regarding Sharafat Ali Baloch’s age, biography, and actual name.

Sharafat Ali Baloch Biography

On June 5, 2018, Sharafat Ali Baloch made their debut appearance on Popnable and their most recent update was on October 11, 2023. Notably, Sharafat Ali Baloch affiliates with several label channels, including TharProductionPak and Sharafat Studio.

Real Name  Sharafat Ali Baloch
Famous As Musician/Singer
Nationality  Pakistani
Birth Place  Pakistan
Marital Status Single

Sharafat Ali Baloch Death

In Mianwali, the famous Seraiki vocalist Sharafat Ali Baloch, along with his entire ensemble, tragically lost their lives in an accident, as reported by the local authorities on Thursday. Sharafat Ali Khan and his team were on their way back after a wedding performance when their vehicle plunged into a canal. District Emergency Officer Engineer Naveed Iqbal confirmed that seven bodies were retrieved from the submerged car.

Sharafat Ali Baloch Died

Sharafat Ali Baloch’s Songs

Sharafat Ali Baloch’s profile on Popnable features information on a total of 6 songs. Popnable continuously tracks, measures, and updates data on a daily basis. They added their latest song, titled “Aey Hal Thi Wainda Hey,” to the site on June 26, 2023. Sharafat Ali Baloch has published these songs on channels such as TharProductionPak and Sharafat Studio.

Song Name Singer Name Released Date
Aey Hal Thi Wainda Hey 26/06/2023
Aey Kya Sunrdey Paye Han 22/02/2023
Bajey Gi Khushiyon Ki Shehnai 19/11/2022
Uchi Pahari 07/04/2019
Khan Taan Wat Khan 30/12/2018
Nawan Rawaj 05/06/2018

Sharafat Ali Baloch’s

This article will reveal Sharafat Ali Baloch’s top songs, highlighting their most famous and beloved tracks. These top hits represent the pinnacle of Sharafat Ali Baloch’s musical career and continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

Sharafat Ali Baloch Net Worth 2023

In 2023, Sharafat Ali Baloch’s estimated revenue is approximately $840, but it’s important to note that this is a forecast and the actual earnings could fall within a range of $830 to $1.5K, as revenue in the music industry can be variable.

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