Samjhauta Drama Cast Real Name and pictures can be checked online from this page. Pakistani Drama Samjhota 2023 cast name, real name, pictures, and timings, as well as story and full information about the actors. The principal roles of the drama are played in the role of Momina Iqbal, and Ali Ansari. The story is filled with emotion and fun. The script was created by Rukhsana Nigar, and it was directed by Asad Jabal. We have provided the entire details of the Samjhota actors’ names age, pictures, and more.

Samjhauta Drama Cast Real Name

Samjhota is a new show that airs on ARY Digital TV that has an outstanding storyline, an outstanding actor, and a superb director. The actors did an excellent job acting their roles. The Samjhota cast is comprised of some of the most talented actors in the Pakistani drama industry. The acting ensemble of the show features prominent actresses and actors like Shazeal Shaukat, Adeel Chaudhry, Shaista Lodhi, Huma Nawab, Saba Faisal, Javed Sheikh, and numerous others.

Samjhauta Drama Cast Real Name Pictures

Pakistani Drama Samjhota cast name real name

SR Real Name Character Name
1. Adeel Chaudhry Asad
2. Ali Ansari Zohaib
3. Javed Sheikh Waqar
4. Momina Iqbal Mehreen
5. Saba Faisal Munazza
6. Shaista Lodhi Nargis
7. Shazeal Shoukat Shanzy
8. Sidra Niazi Farah

Samjhauta Drama Story

The story of Samjhota’s life is captivating and is all about an extremely happy family. Every member of the family has strong bonds with one another. Parents are getting old, but they are still in love with one another with a lot of affection. The kids are all mature now, and they all are very proud of their parents. But happiness doesn’t last forever.

1. Channel Name ARY Digital
2. Directed By Asad Jabal
3. Drama Title Samjhota
4. Genre Drama
5. Produced By Abdullah Seja
6. Production Company iDream Entertainment
7. Release Date 16 January 2023
8. Total Episode TBA
9. Written By Rukhsana Nigar

Saba Faisal Role in Drama Serial Samjhauta

Saba Faisal is the mother of their characters, and she is diagnosed with cancer and passes away. Their father JavedSheikh is depressed and weak as a result of this. His sons care for him for a short time to ensure that he won’t feel isolated. However, their lives interfere with the task of taking care of their father.

Shaista Lodhi Role in Drama Samjhauta

In the end, his daughter-in-law chooses to get married to their father-in-law another woman who will help him get back to his youthful self. Shaista Lodhi enters the plot as Waqar’s second wife, and the relationship changes. This is bad for the story. The daughter of Waqar Shanzy isn’t ready to accept her stepmother’s presence and begins to tease her.

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