Qurban Drama Cast, A father invariably holds a special place in his daughter’s heart, and in the case of Heer, the sole child of her parents, she is a prosperous, contemporary young woman who savors every moment of her existence. To her, her father stands as the epitome of an ideal man. Despite being born into affluence, Heer encounters Jamal, a man of modest means but possessing all the admirable qualities of her father. This couldn’t prevent her from falling head over heels in love with him.

Qurban Drama Cast

Heer opposes her parents’ choices and defiantly marries Jamal in secret. However, a few days later, Jamal mysteriously disappears without notifying anyone, causing turmoil in Heer’s life. Her parents doubt her account and compel her to enter into a marriage with Shahmeer. In Islamic tradition, conducting a second Nikkah over an existing one is prohibited and considered a sin. Unfortunately, Heer struggles to convince anyone of her prior Nikkah. Qurban Drama Cast.

Genre Drama, Romance
Written by Zafar Mairaj
Directed by Ahmed Bhatti
Starring Iqra Aziz, Bilal Abbas Khan, Shehzad Sheikh
Opening theme Masroor Ali Shah, Goher Mumtaz
Composer Goher Mumtaz
Producer Abdullah Seja
Editors Kamran Hashim, Erum Lakhani, Saniya Khan
Production Company I dream Entertainment
Original network ARY Digital
Original Release Date 20 November 2017
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Drama Timing

Tune in to ARY Digital this Monday at 8:00 pm for the captivating show ‘QURBAN’.

Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz

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Bilal Abbas Khan

Bilal Abbas Khan

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Drama Story

‘Qurban’ delves into the intricate love triangle involving Heer, Jamal, and Shahmir. Heer (Iqra Aziz), a charming young woman from a well-to-do background, is captivated by Jamal (Bilal Abbas Khan), a fellow student who, despite his remarkable intelligence and unwavering work ethic, faces financial hardship. Heer holds her father in high regard, admiring his journey from adversity to becoming a senior bureaucrat through sheer determination and hard work. She aspires to marry someone who embodies her father’s resilience, and she discovers those qualities in Jamal, ultimately falling deeply in love with him.

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