Umaira Ahmad authored the novel Peer e Kamil. This novel by Umera Ahmed is renowned for its captivating story of social romance and moral transformation in Urdu.

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Pakistani writer Umera Ahmad initially published Pir-e-Kamil in Urdu in 2004 and later in English in 2011. The novel delves into the transformative moments that intersect the lives of two individuals: a young runaway named Imama Hashim and a highly intelligent young man named Salar Sikander with an IQ exceeding 150. The narrative unfolds over a span of approximately ten years and remains one of Ahmad’s most celebrated and widely-read works. A sequel titled ‘Aab-e-Hayat’ follows it.

Novel Peer e Kamil
Author Umera Ahmad
Translator Umera Ahmad
Language English, Urdu
Publisher Ferozsons
Publication date Urdu: 2004 English: 2011
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Summary Peer e Kamil Novel

Imama Hashim, the central character of the story, hails from a prominent Ahmadiyya Muslim family residing in Islamabad. She makes a life-altering decision to embrace Sunni Islam under the influence of her friends. In secret, she attends the lectures of her senior Shabiha, away from the watchful eyes of her family and her roommates, Javeria and Rabia. While pursuing her medical studies in Lahore, she finds herself entangled in a deep affection for Dr. Jalal Ansar, the older brother of her friend Zainab. However, Imama’s family attempts to pressure her into marrying her first cousin, Asjad, a prospect she vehemently opposes. In response, her parents resorted to punitive measures, including grounding her and confiscating her cell phone.

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