Mala ( مالا ) is an original novel written by the renowned woman author Nimra Ahmed. It is a story of socio-romance which explores human emotion as well as the importance of relationships to live a happy life. It is among the most popular social-romantic Urdu novels.

Mala Novel Nimra Ahmed

Nimra Ahmad is a well-known storyteller and a leading female novelist in Urdu. She has written a variety of excellent romance novels and stories in her prolific writing career. She is also regularly a writer for magazines and digests. Nimra Ahmad gained fame due to her distinctive style of writing and appealing subjects. I hope you enjoy The Mala Novel in Urdu, and that you share it with your social media buddies.

Mala Novel Summary

The story is centered around a young boy named Kaif. He was without work for a long period of time and was now looking for an opportunity. One day, a mysterious person calls him to offer an opportunity, and information him that he should meet with his boss. When he arrives and offers him a huge amount of money in exchange for the opportunity to work. He is offered the responsibility of guarding an innocent girl. Following this the job is completed, his life does not remain straight, and there are new challenges and trials throughout his life.

Download Mala Novel In PDF

You can read the novel online, or download the entire Mala novel as a pdf file to read offline. Click the links below to read the novel online or download the book. The novel is currently published in Episodic form. We will continue to update this blog post as we release new episodes. Keep Visiting.

Mala Novel Latest Episode

Mala written by Nimra Ahmed, episode 12 is a brand new Social Romantic Urdu Novel started in the monthly Digest Shua and being published online via Nimra Ahmed’s Page on Facebook, Nimra Ahmed’s Page as well as Instagram. Nimra Ahmed has become an extremely well-known writer in recent years and has produced many Marvellous and Best-Seller Novels.

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Mala Novel Story

The story of the novel is captivating and grips readers from beginning to end. It leaves an impression on the reader following the book. If you’re a lover of the genre of socio-romantic romance This is the book for you. Nimra Ahmed who was the author of this story doesn’t need any introduction for Urdu readers. She has achieved so much in a very short period of time. She has written a number of super-hit Urdu novels like Haalim, Namal, Mushaf, and the always-green Jannat Kay Pattay. On this site, you can browse All the Urdu Novels of Nimra Ahmed. It is also possible to read these books similar to this: Bus Ik Lamha by Ujala Naz Safar Ki Shaam by Farhat Ishtiaq Wo Khwab Sa by Rabia Sajid.

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