Khumar Drama Cast – Name, Pics, Story & Timing

Khumar Drama Cast, Khumar, a fresh Pakistani drama series in 2023, is now airing on Geo TV. The narrative centers on the lives of Faiz and Hareem, with Neelam Muneer Khan and Feroze Khan taking on the lead roles in this captivating production. Uncover intriguing details about Khumar, including its storyline, airing time, schedule, and release date on Geo TV.

Khumar Drama Cast

Feroze Khan and Neelam Muneer headline the cast of the drama series “Khumar.” Joining them are Hina Bayat, Asma Abbas, Adnan Samad, Behroz Sabzwari, Zainab Qayoom, Shehryar Zaidi, Sheherzade Peerzada, Minsa Malik, Kinza Malik, Mehmood Akhtar, Agha Mustafa, Hamzah Tariq, Ayesha Rajpoot, Mizna Waqas, Sohail Masood, and Birjees Farooqui, making for a diverse and talented ensemble.

Genres Drama
Writers  Maha Malik
Directors Ali Faizan
Producers Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Release Date 17th November 2023
Day & Air Time Friday at 09:00 PM
Channel Name Har Pal Geo TV
Productions Sky Entertainment
  • Feroze Khan
  • Neelam Muneer
  • Hina Bayat
  • Asma Abbas
  • Adnan Samad
  • Behroz Sabzwari
  • Zainab Qayoom
  • Shehryar Zaidi
  • Sheherzade Peerzada
  • Minsa Malik
  • Kinza Malik
  • Mehmood Akhtar
  • Agha Mustafa
  • Hamzah Tariq
  • Ayesha Rajpoot
  • Mizna Waqas
  • Sohail Masood
  • Birjees Farooqui

Timing Release Date

“Khumar” drama is scheduled to air every Friday at 8:00 p.m. on Geo TV, with its release date set for November 24, 2023.

Feroze Khan as Faiz

Feroze Khan

Taking on the lead role of Faiz in the drama series “Khumar” is Feroze Khan, a prominent figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry. At 33 years old, he stands out as one of the top actors in the country. Renowned for his talent, Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3 is counted among his highly successful dramas. Feroze Khan entered the drama scene in 2014, making his debut with the drama titled “Bikhra Mera Naseeb.”

Neelam Muneer as Hareem

Neelam Muneer

In the Pakistani drama series “Khumar,” Neelam Muneer took on the lead role of Hareem. The 31-year-old actress is celebrated for her beauty and talent in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Neelam Muneer has graced numerous popular Pakistani dramas and movies in lead roles, with “Dil Mom Ka Diya” standing out as one of her super hit dramas.

Minsa Malik as Laiba

Minsa Malik

Minsa Malik portrayed the character of Laiba in the Pakistani drama series “Khumar.” This 25-year-old actress is recognized for both her beauty and talent in the industry. Her recent drama serial, “Mohabbat Ki Akhri Kahani,” showcases her skills as an actress. Minsa Malik resides in Karachi with her family, and she embarked on her showbiz journey in 2018.

Adnan Samad Khan as Nasir

Adnan Samad Khan

Adnan Samad Khan played the role of Nasir in the Geo TV drama serial “Khumar.” Commencing his career with the drama series “Ehd-e-Wafa,” Adnan has showcased his versatility in acting. His recent drama series, “Sukoon,” is a testament to his diverse skills. Known for his ability to adeptly portray both positive and negative roles, Adnan Samad Khan stands out as a versatile actor in the industry.

Khumar Drama Story

At the heart of the drama lies the intertwining lives of Hareem and Faiz, portrayed by Feroze Khan and Neelam Muneer, respectively. The initial teaser for “Khumar” has elicited an extraordinary response from the audience, amassing over 3.5 million views on various platforms, and the viewership continues to grow.

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