Khuda aur Mohabbat Season 3 Drama Cast Pics, Name, Timing & Story

Khuda aur Mohabbat Season 3 Drama Cast, The premiere of Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3 took place on February 12, 2021. This season garnered global acclaim. The storyline advanced, depicting Maahi (Iqra) reaching a juncture of remorse over engaging in a game with Farhad (Feroz). It appears that her emotions have shifted toward Farhad, signifying a burgeoning affection. However, constrained by her traditional family, Maahi must wed the affluent Taimur, a strategic move to secure personal freedom and sustain her educational pursuits.

Khuda aur Mohabbat Season 3 Drama Cast

During a wedding ceremony, Farhad and Mahi have their initial encounter, a moment that swiftly cultivates a profound connection between them. For Mahi, Farhad’s presence offers solace from her constricted familial environment, while Farhad himself finds his sentiments for her deepening. Subsequently, as Farhad assumes the role of a guardian for Mahi’s brother under Nazim Shah’s employ, he discovers the exalted affluence and influence of Mahi’s family.

  • Feroze Khan
  • Iqra Aziz
  • Junaid Khan
  • Zain Baig
  • Maher Bano
  • Momina Iqbal
  • Hira Soomro
  • Javed Sheikh
  • Saqib Sameer
  • Rubina Ashraf
  • Shameen Khan
  • Tooba Siddiqui
  • Usman Perzada
  • Sunita Marshal
  • Hira Soomro
  • Asma Abbas
  • Waseem Abbas
  • Semi Pasha
  • Sohail Sameer
Drama Name Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3
Channel Name Har Pal Geo
Main Cast Feroze Khan, Iqra Aziz, Junaid Khan
Directed by Wajahat Hussain
Written by  Hashim Nadeem
Producers Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Start Date 12th February 2021
Drama Timing Every Friday 8:00 PM
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Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3 Start Date & Timing

The debut episode of “Khuda Aur Mohabbat” aired for the first time on February 12, 2021. The show was scheduled to premiere every Friday at 8:00 PM exclusively on Har Pal Geo TV.

Feroze Khan

Feroze Khan

Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz
Junaid Khan

Junaid Khan

Drama Story

Renowned Pakistani author Hashim Nadeem, celebrated for his literary masterpieces, wears multiple creative hats. A prolific writer, filmmaker, director, screenwriter, and esteemed novelist, Nadeem’s work continues to leave a lasting impact on audiences. His name is synonymous with iconic novels that have left an indelible mark in the minds of readers. Nadeem’s influence extends to the realm of television, where he has gifted two compelling drama series to Geo TV. These shows rapidly captured the hearts of not only Pakistani viewers but also garnered a global following. The dramas achieved remarkable popularity, consistently achieving high ratings. Nadeem’s artistic portfolio boasts an impressive tally of 27 telefilms and 11 dramas. Among his most renowned literary works are the cherished novels “Bachpan Ka December,” “Abdullah,” and “Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

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