ISSB Preparation Books PDF Download 2024 Online Free

The top ISSB exam preparation books as well as other requirements, including a complete guideline are available at this site. ISSB is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is interested in joining any armed force in Pakistan (Army, Air Force, or Navy). However, to be eligible the candidates must pass the rigorous selection process that includes a written test, a medical exam as well as an interview. The most reliable ISSB Test Preparation Book is Dogar Brothers Book.

ISSB Preparation Books PDF Download Free 2024

Buy Dogar Brothers Book today to get a Dogar Brothers Book to be chosen to take your tests. This Inter-Services Selection Board is an organization that chooses commissioned officers for the Pakistani Armed Forces. The Pak Army, Navy, and Air Force. To pass the ISSB test an FSC (Pre-Eng) for mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Computer Science is essential.

ISSB Test Preparation Book & Sucess Guide

A minimum of 65 percent marks are required to pass the ISSB Test. A-Levels with grades A-C in 5 subjects: Physics, Maths, Chemistry or Computer Science or Computer Studies. For preparation for the ISSB exam, you need to keep up to date on the latest news reading newspapers, watching television, and browsing the internet.

ISSB Test Preparation Book Free Download

Do your research on history and defense since the ISSB test will comprise general questions. It is possible to download the ISSB Test Preparation Book in the form of a PDF from this. The books instruct candidates on how they can prepare themselves for a written exam as well as ways to enhance the physical fitness of candidates and also what to avoid and do in an interview.

ISSB Dogar Book PDF Free Download

While there are several institutes offering classes for ISSB test preparation, rather than paying a high cost to them you can purchase some of these books for a low price and utilize them as a resource for your preparation. Even those institutes use the same books to guide you. We have listed below the top recommended books we have compiled since they have a reputation as being among the most compelling books on the market today.

ISSB Test Preparation Book PDF Free Download

Therefore, you should purchase and study these books to increase your chances of passing this ISSB test. Don’t be confined to these books, but use the internet to seek advice from someone else who passed the ISSB tests or at the very least had the opportunity to take it at least once. It is also possible to use our website as an excellent source of preparation for the test since you can take an online test (verbal or non-verbal) to determine whether you’re prepared actually for the test.

SR Book Title Action
1. Analogies None Verbal with Answer Download
2. Initial for Verbal Intelligence PAF, PAK Army Navy Download
3. Introduction to Intelligence Download
4. IQ Test by Dogar Download
5. ISSB Intelligence Download
6. ISSB Verbal Intelligence PDF 2 Download
7. Most important Verbal Intelligence Download
8. None Verbal Intelligence PDF Download
9. No Verbal Intelligence Section by the Khokhar brothers Download
10. None Verbal with full answer Download
11. Shortcut in Reasoning Download
12. Solved ISSB Intelligence Test by Khokhar’s brother Download
13. Supper Intelligence by the Khokhar brothers Download
14. Verbal Number Reasoning Download

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Best General Knowledge Book for ISSB

Before you begin your preparations for the examination, you must take a look at the criteria you need to fulfill to be able to take the test. Students must study to pass the ISSB the first time. Only students who have met the ISSB standard requirements in physical and mental fitness are able to begin preparations. Anyone who is applying must be prepared for the ISSB test through portions and proceed step-by-step.

Dogar sons Book for Army Test PDF

ISSB tests include the Aptitude Test which is Aptitude Test, Verbal Intelligence test, as well as nonverbal intelligence. In Pakistan, it is the norm for Academies where students study their various tests of force including ISSB. Take notes on these and follow their guidelines. To assist you in managing the time you have, we suggest you take a look at online preparation. By doing online exercises you’ll learn to learn the fundamentals of managing your time.

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