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Imran Khan Age, Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi, born on October 5, 1952, is a prominent figure in Pakistan, known for his dual roles as a former cricketer and a seasoned politician. He assumed the prestigious position of the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan, serving from August 2018 to April 2022. In addition to his political leadership, he is renowned as the visionary founder and chairman of the influential political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Imran Khan’s journey to national prominence commenced on the cricket field, where he established himself as a distinguished Pakistani cricket player. His crowning achievement came in 1992 when he led Pakistan’s national cricket team to a historic victory in the Cricket World Cup. This monumental achievement elevated him to the status of a national hero, earning him adoration from cricket enthusiasts and the general public alike.

Imran Khan Biography

Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi emerged as a source of inspiration for young individuals due to his accomplishments in the realm of cricket. He gained widespread recognition through his extraordinary skills, establishing himself as one of Pakistan’s most exceptional cricket talents. His evolution from a charismatic cricket sensation to a consequential statesman is truly remarkable and motivational. Renowned for steering Pakistan to its inaugural Cricket World Cup triumph in 1992, he holds the distinction of being the nation’s most triumphant cricket captain. This eminent cricketer astounded the global audience with his prowess as a remarkable fast bowler and a formidable all-rounder, thereby amplifying cricket’s popularity within his homeland. His cricket career concluded in 1992, after which he transitioned into the realm of politics, founding his own political party – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Movement for Justice).

Imran Khan Bio

Date of Birth Sunday, Oct 05, 1952
Age 71 Years
Birth Place Lahore, Pakistan
Residence Bani Gala, Islamabad
Country Pakistan
Profession Former Prime Minister Of Pakistan & Former Cricketer
Education Earned a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)
Father Ikramullah Khan
Mother Shaukat Khanum
Nationality Pakistani
Religion Islam
Spouse Bushra Bibi
Horoscope Sagittarius
Weight 75 kg
Height 6 feet
Category Politicians

Imran Khan Age

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, on November 25, 1952, He currently stands at the age of 71, as of 2023. Commencing his cricket odyssey at 23, he gracefully concluded it at the age of 40. Venturing into the political arena at 44, he established the victorious political entity, PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf). Ascending to the role of the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan at the age of 66, he continues to steer his party’s course at the age of 71.


Imran Khan’s initial educational journey led him to Aitchison College and Cathedral School in Lahore, followed by the Royal Grammar School in Worcester, where his cricketing prowess shone. In 1972, he embarked on his academic pursuit at Keble College, Oxford, ultimately earning his degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics in 1975.


Born into a Pashtun family hailing from Mianwali, Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi entered the world in Lahore on October 5, 1952. He was the solitary son of Ikramullah Khan Niazi and Shaukat Khanum, surrounded by the company of four sisters.

Imran Khan Sons

Imran Khan Sons

Imran Khan, the ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, is the father of two sons: Suleman Khan and Qasim Khan. Suleman Khan was born in 1996, followed by Qasim Khan in 1999. His first marriage culminated amicably in a divorce in 2004. Subsequently, in the early months of 2015, Imran Khan revealed his second marriage to British Pakistani journalist Reham Khan.

Imran Khan Daughter

Imran Khan also has a daughter named Tyrian White, who was born out of wedlock from a previous relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Sita White. Sita White pursued a legal case against Khan in the United States. Following Imran Khan’s refusal to undergo a DNA test, the court issued a default judgment confirming Tyrian’s paternity.

Imran Khan Wife

Imran Khan Wife

Imran Khan’s marital journey encompasses two unions. His first wife, Jemima Goldsmith, was a British socialite and journalist, to whom he was married from 1995 to 2004. At present, he is not married. His second spouse is Reham Khan, a Pakistani journalist and television presenter, with previous roles as a weather forecaster and news anchor. The marriage between Imran Khan and Reham Khan was solemnized through a modest Nikah ceremony hosted at Imran Khan’s residence in Bani Gala. However, after a span of nine months, the couple parted ways and finalized their divorce in October 2015.

Imran Khan Father

Imran Khan’s father bore the name Ikramullah Khan Niazi. A civil engineer in the service of the Pakistani government, he hailed from the Niazi Pashtun tribe and originated from Mianwali, a district nestled within the Punjab province of Pakistan. Regrettably, he passed away in the year 1982.

Imran Khan Sisters

Imran Khan is blessed with four sisters, namely Uzma Khanum, Aleema Khanum, Rubina Khanum, and Rani Khanum. Rubina Khanum, his elder sister, attained her education from the London School of Economics and has occupied distinguished roles within the United Nations. Aleema Khan, another of his sisters, is both a businesswoman and a dedicated philanthropist. She stands as a founder of CotCom Sourcing (Pvt.) Ltd., a textile-sourcing enterprise based in Lahore. In 1989, she completed her MBA at the Lahore College of Management Sciences.

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Imran Khan Post-Retirement from Cricket

Following his retirement from cricket, Imran Khan openly acknowledged that he occasionally resorted to scratching the ball and altering the seam during his playing days. In 1996, Khan found himself entangled in a legal battle against former English cricket captain and all-rounder Ian Botham, along with batsman Allan Lamb. They had accused Khan of branding them as “racist, ill-educated, and lacking in class” and implicated him in ball-tampering activities. Khan effectively defended himself in this libel case. He contended that he had been misquoted and clarified that he was responding to allegations after confessing to ball-tampering during a county match nearly two decades prior. Ultimately, Khan emerged victorious in the libel suit, with the judge characterizing it as a “complete exercise in futility.” The jury rendered a 10–2 majority decision in Khan’s favor.

Imran Khan Career

Imran Khan, a multifaceted figure, is a Pakistani politician, former cricket luminary, and dedicated philanthropist. Khan started as a cricketer for Pakistan from 1971 to 1992 and later founded Pakistan’s notable Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. Complementing this endeavor, he directs the “Imran Khan Foundation,” a charitable organization committed to humanitarian efforts. In the year 1996, Imran Khan transitioned into politics by establishing the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party. After several attempts, he became Pakistan’s Prime Minister in 2018 when his party won the general elections.

Imran Khan Political Career

During his cricketing career, Imran Khan encountered multiple political propositions. Notably, Pakistan’s then President Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq extended a political offer to the Pakistan Muslim League (PML), while Nawaz Sharif, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, also invited him to affiliate with his political party. However, Khan politely declined these invitations. In 1994, he aligned himself with a faction led by Hamid Gul, the former head of ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence), and Muhammad Ali Durrani, who spearheaded Pasban, a distinct youth branch of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan. On April 25, 1996, Imran Khan established his own political entity, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Subsequently, in the 1997 Pakistani general election, he contested for a National Assembly seat under the PTI banner. Despite his endeavors across two constituencies, he emerged unsuccessful in the election.

Net Worth

Imran Khan possesses substantial wealth, with an estimated net worth amounting to millions of dollars. Additionally, he actively participates in philanthropy through the “Imran Khan Foundation,” which supports various social and welfare projects in Pakistan.

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