Hamari Kahani Turkish Drama Cast, Hamari Kahani, also known as Bizim Hikaye, is a widely popular Turkish drama that has captured the attention of audiences’ attention in Pakistan and other countries. The show features a talented cast of Turkish actors, including the likes of Burak Deniz and Hazal Kaya. The drama comprises two seasons, both broadcasted on Urdu 1 with Urdu dubbing. In case you missed the opportunity to catch the show on TV and wish to watch it at your convenience, this concise review of the drama will provide you with an excellent starting point. So, let’s dive into the highly-requested Hamari Kahani review.

Hamari Kahani Turkish Drama Cast

Hamari Kahani is a Turkish Drama in Urdu with a very interesting storyline. The Turkish name of the drama Hamari Kahani is “Bizim Hikaye” lead cast includes gorgeous Hazal Kaya and the very dashing Burak Deniz.

Hamari Kahani Season 2 Cast Name & Pics

The popular Turkish drama Hamari Kahani has been dubbed into Urdu for Pakistani audiences. The second season of the show features new cast members and a captivating storyline. Here’s a look at the real names and pictures of the Hamari Kahani Season 2 cast.

Real Name

Roll Name


Hazal Kaya

 Fiza Elibol

Hazal Kaya as Fiza Elibol

Burak Deniz


Burak Deniz as Murat, Burak Deniz as Basit

Hazal Adiyaman


Hazal Adiyaman as Sara

Sahra Sas


Sahra Sas as Samra

Olcay Yusufoglu


Olcay Yusufoglu as Nihal

Murat Danaci


Murat Danaci as Saleem

Melisa Dongel


Melisa Dongel as Dia

Miray Akay


Miray Akay as Zainab

Yagiz Can Konyali

 Rehmat Elibol

Yagiz Can Konyali as Rehmat Elibol

Nejat Uygur

 Hiktam Elibol

Nejat Uygur as Hiktam Elibol

Reha Ozcan

 Fakhri Elibol

Reha Ozcan as Fakhri Elibol

Esra Bezen Bilgin

 Shukran Elibol

Esra Bezen Bilgin as Shukran Elibol

Zeynep Selimoglu

 Kiran Elibol

Zeynep Selimoglu as Kiran Elibol

Alp Akar

 Farukh Elibol

Alp Akar as Farukh Elibol

Omer Sevgi

 Ismat Elibol

Omer Sevgi as Ismat Elibol

Mehmet Korhan Firat


Mehmet Korhan Firat as Toran

Nesrin Cavadzade


Nesrin Cavadzade as Yahlay

Mehmetcan Mincinozlu


Mehmetcan Mincinozlu as Jameel


The drama serial Hamari Kahani (Bizim Hikaye) is produced by Fatih Aksoy.


Hamari Kahani (Bizim Hikaye) is written by Hetice Meryem, Ebru Hacioglu, Banu Kiremitci BozKurt, Verda Pars.


The drama serial Hamari Kahani (Bizim Hikaye) is directed by Serdar Gözelekli and Koray Kerimoğlu.

Hazal Kaya

Hazal Kaya

In the drama serial “Hamari Kahani,” Fiza’s character was portrayed by the talented and breathtaking Turkish actress, Hazal Kaya. She has gained immense popularity in Pakistan and India, with many of her dramas dubbed in Urdu/Hindi. Some of her well-known Urdu-dubbed Turkish dramas include “Ishq-e-Mamnu” and “Fariha.”

Burak Deniz

Burak Deniz

Burak Deniz played the role of Basit in the drama serial “Hamari Kahani.” He is a charming and outstanding Turkish actor who has gained a lot of popularity in Pakistan and India. His Urdu-dubbed Turkish drama series, “Pyar Lafzon Main Kahan,” became a massive hit in these countries.

Hazal Adiyaman

Hazal Adiyaman

In Hamari Kahani Season 2, the character of Sara was played by Hazal Adiyaman. Sara is Dia’s sister who supports Rehmat in pursuing her education. Hazal Adiyaman portrayed the role brilliantly.

Sahra Sas

Sahra Sas

The character of Samra in Hamari Kahani was portrayed by Sahra Sas. Samra meets Fiza in prison, and they develop a strong friendship. After getting out of prison, she starts living with Fiza. Sahra Sas played the role of Samra exceptionally well in the drama.

Olcay Yusufoglu

Olcay Yusufoglu

The character of Nihal in Hamari Kahani was portrayed by Olcay Yusufoglu. Nihal was Basit’s first wife, and they got married again due to their sick child Sheraz. However, Nihal created numerous issues for Fiza and her family and eventually forced Basit to leave Fiza and live with her. Olcay Yusufoglu did a great job in playing the role of Nihal in the drama.

Murat Danaci

Murat Danaci

Saleem, portrayed by Murat Danaci, assumed the character of Fiza’s lawyer. Despite developing feelings for Fiza, she remains fixated on Basit. In a bid to take down Basit, Saleem collaborates with Nihal and devises a plan.

Melisa Dongel

Melisa Dongel

The character Dia in season 2 of Hamari Kahani was portrayed by Melisa Dongel. Dia started off by teasing Rehmat and causing him grief. However, as time passed, Dia fell in love with Rehmat and they ended up tying the knot.

Miray Akay

Miray Akay

Zainab’s character in Hamari Kahani Season 2 was enacted by Miray Akay. Additionally, she also starred in the drama serial Sunheri Titlyian, where she played the role of the youngest daughter named Pari.

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Hamari Kahani Turkish Drama Story

The plot of the TV series Hamari Kahani (Bizim Hikaye) revolves around Fiza Elibol (played by Hazal Kaya), a young woman who takes on the responsibility of caring for her five siblings. Fiza’s mother has left the family without any explanation, and their father is an alcoholic. As a result, Fiza works day and night tirelessly to provide for her siblings’ education and basic needs, struggling to make ends meet.

Fizza’s life takes a dramatic turn when a charming young man named Basit enters her life and immediately falls in love with her. Despite Basit’s feelings, Fizza is not open to starting a new relationship, as her siblings always come first in her life. However, over time, Basit becomes an integral part of Fizza’s life and her family. He takes on the responsibility of caring for her siblings just like Fizza does. As their love story unfolds, they encounter numerous obstacles, but their unwavering love and care for each other remain constant throughout the journey.

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