Fatima Feng Cast, Fatima Feng, the latest Pakistani drama, is causing quite a stir on Green Entertainment TV. The show boasts an impressive ensemble cast, with Howra Batool taking on the lead role of Fatima, accompanied by Usama Khan, Meher Bano, and Babar Ali in key positions. Join us as we explore the intriguing cast of Fatima Feng and the captivating storyline they bring to the screen.

Fatima Feng Cast

In 2023, Green Entertainment introduced “Fatima Feng,” a Pakistani drama that has joined their roster of exciting shows. This drama features a fresh and skilled cast of actors, adding to the wealth of talent that Green Entertainment has showcased in the same year. “Fatima Feng” is poised to contribute to Green Entertainment’s thriving journey by offering viewers an intriguing storyline and a talented ensemble. Let’s delve into the details of the cast and storyline of this 2023 Pakistani drama, “Fatima Feng.”

Genres  Romance, Family
Country  Pakistan
Channel  Green Entertainment
Director  Fahim Burney
Writer  Asma Wazir Gul
Producer  Multiverse Entertainment
Language  Urdu
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Fatima Feng Drama Timing & Day

Tune in to Green TV every Monday through Friday at 7:00 pm to catch the Pakistani drama “Fatima Feng.”

Howra Batool

Howra Batool

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Usama Khan

Usama Khan

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Fatima Feng Drama Story

“Fatima Feng” unfolds a compelling narrative that centers on the experiences and journey of a young girl named Fatima, brought to life by the talented Howra Batool. This engaging storyline delves deep into the dynamics of a captivating love triangle, where Usama Khan and Meher Bano play pivotal roles in the character’s life. The drama is meticulously crafted to offer viewers a rich blend of love, romance, intense emotions, and pure entertainment. With its gripping plot and stellar performances, “Fatima Feng” is undoubtedly a must-watch for avid drama enthusiasts, promising an immersive and emotionally charged viewing experience.

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