Ehd E Ulfat Novel By Mehwish Ali Complete Download PDF

“Ehd E Ulfat,” authored by Mehwish Ali, unfolds as a romantic Urdu novel that weaves together the love tales of multiple couples. The central figures in this narrative include Taqwa, Ayesha, Haroon, Mehkar, Haider, Saim, Zarish, Pupho Zar, Agha Jaani, Daniyal, Hijabm, and Hamid. Within its pages, the novel delves into the enchanting love stories of Taqwa and Saim, Ayesha and Danial, Haider and Hijab, as well as Zarish and Haroon.

Ehd E Ulfat Novel By Mehwish Ali

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Title Ehd E Ulfat
Author Mehwish Ali
Pages 1420
File Size 14 MB
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Who is the Writer of Ehd E Ulfat Novel?

Mehwish Ali, a prominent figure in the realm of social media, particularly on Facebook, initiated her writing journey within this platform. Her early contributions flourished, extending into digests and various newspapers. With a prolific output, Mehwish has crafted numerous novels, with a primary focus on themes of romance and love. Her storytelling prowess has resonated with a wide audience, making her a well-regarded presence in the world of online literature.

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