Dogar Sajji House Park View – Restaurant & Location

You can find all the information about Dogar Sajji House Park View Restaurant online. If you’re yearning for the delicious taste of sizzling “Dogar Sajji” and want to enjoy it with a beautiful view of the city, Dogar Sajji House Park View in Lahore is the perfect place. This popular eatery is famous for its tasty grilled meat, and the rooftop setting is enchanting.

Dogar Sajji House Park View

Dogar Sajji House Park View is more than just a place to eat; it offers a complete experience. The rooftop setting, along with a lively atmosphere and welcoming service, creates an ideal environment for gathering with friends and family, ensuring a memorable dining experience. If you’re in search of a blend of Pakistani flavors accompanied by picturesque views, Dogar Sajji House Park View could be the ideal destination for you.

Dogar Sajji House An Overview

Dogar Sajji House in Lahore has gained fame primarily due to its specialty dish, Sajji. Owned by Sardar Sarfraz Ahmed Dogar, a member of a prominent landed family in Kasur, the restaurant has made a mark in the culinary scene. Sardar Sarfraz Ahmed Dogar embarked on this culinary journey in 2005, learning the art under the guidance of his mentor, Sajjad Sahib.

Special Dogar Sajji House Menu & Prices

Sajji Chargha ₨ 1,380.00
Sajji (Quarter) ₨ 560.00
Sajji (Half) ₨ 900.00
Sajji (Full) ₨ 1,799.00

Dogar Sajji House Location

Locating Dogar Sajji House Park View is simpler than unraveling the intricate spice mix of their signature dish. Here’s a straightforward guide on how to reach there:

  • Address: 56-C Gulberg III Main Blvd, Lahore

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