Dasht E Wehshat is a romance novel in Urdu by Mehwish Ali. This novel, like other novels, is told by Mehwish as a romance story. This novel’s main characters are Hoor Ul Alin, Inspector Arman, and Noor Ul Ul Ain. Noor ul Ain’s love for Burhan is revealed in the novel. Hoor Ul Ain and Saeed Alam are the authors of the other story.

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Title Dasht E Wehshat
Author Mehwish Ali
Pages 1638
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Mehvish Ali, Dasht e Wehshat

Mehwish Ali, a social media and primarily Facebook novelist is a Social Media. Her writing career began with Facebook, which later became digests and newspapers. Mehwish is the author of many novels. Mehwish’s novels are mainly about love and romance. Mehwish, a young writer, is enjoying more recognition with the passing of time. She is currently a student, but her goal is to pursue higher education.

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