Baylagaam Drama Cast, “Baylagaam, a Geo TV drama series, stars Laiba, Haroon, and Ali Abbas in its primary roles. The storyline revolves around a love triangle, avarice, and self-centeredness, with Zahid Mehmood serving as the director. Explore the cast of the 2023 Pakistani drama ‘Baylagaam’ on Geo TV, complete with real names, images, and additional information.”

Baylagaam Drama Cast

“Baylagaam” is a 2023 romantic Pakistani drama airing on Geo TV. The serial features a love triangle, offering a story rich in romance and emotions, making it a valuable addition to Geo TV’s successful lineup. Discover more about the full cast, characters’ names, storyline, and airing schedule of the 2023 Pakistani drama “Baylagaam.”Baylagaam Pakistan Drama Cast”

Written By  Huma Hina Nafees
Directed By  Zahid Mehmood
Produced By  Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House  7th Sky Entertainment
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Timing & Day

The Pakistani drama “Baylagam” is broadcast daily at 9:00 p.m. on Geo Entertainment and was released on October 13, 2023.

Laiba Khan

Laiba Khan as Nida

Laiba Khan assumed the main role of Ramsha in the Geo TV series “Baylagaam.” Ramsha, a middle-class family member and a Tiktoker, is also a digital media content creator. Laiba delivered an outstanding performance in her portrayal of Ramsha in the drama “Baylagaam.”

Haroon Shahid

Haroon Shahid

Haroon Shahid has taken on the role of Shani in the Pakistani drama “Balagam.” Shani, portrayed by Haroon, is a skilled Pakistani singer-turned-actor who has been featured in several highly acclaimed Pakistani dramas.

Ali Abbas

Ali Abbas

Ali Abbas portrayed the role of Afnan in the Pakistani drama serial “Baylagaam.” He is a remarkably talented and versatile Pakistani actor who has featured in numerous renowned dramas, often in leading roles.

Tuba Anwar

Syeda Tuba Anwar

Tuba Anwar, an up-and-coming Pakistani actress and model known for her stunning beauty and talent, assumed the character of Alizeh in the drama series “Baylagaam.” Notably, her recent hit drama “Baby Baji” has garnered considerable attention and acclaim.

Baylagaam Drama Story

The narrative revolves around Ramsha, the single cherished child of her doting parents, Sajid and Mehnaz. Growing up in an environment of love and without any restrictions, Ramsha gains unrestricted access to the internet, eventually leading her to spend an excessive amount of time on social media, which gradually transforms into her favorite pastime. Her infatuation with social media deepens, ultimately evolving into an overwhelming desire for fame, compelling her to resort to extreme measures. In her relentless pursuit of stardom, she crosses paths with Afnan, the son of the influential businessman, Qasim Ali. While Afnan, who harbors affection for his paternal cousin Aleezay, sees Ramsha as a source of amusement, she misinterprets their relationship as love.

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