Aulaad Drama Cast, “Aulaad,” a 2021 drama featured on Ary Digital, boasts an exceptional storyline and a remarkable cast. Brimming with emotions, excitement, and suspense, this drama sheds light on the societal challenges parents encounter in their later years. Centered on the lives of five siblings, it is a compelling family narrative. The cast of “Aulaad” is a blend of seasoned and emerging actors, their outstanding performances adding depth to this serial. Let’s delve into the names and complete details of the “Aulaad” Drama Cast.

Aulaad Drama Cast

Here’s the latest information on Ary Digital’s “Aulaad” Drama, including its cast, schedule, timings, start date, and storyline. Starring talented actors like Marina Khan, Mohammed Ahmed, Sunita Marshal, and Hina Javed, this Pakistani drama is produced by Big Bang Entertainment. “Aulaad” is a captivating family drama that promises to be even more engrossing thanks to its exceptional cast and outstanding performances. The story revolves around family dynamics, portraying a rich tapestry of emotions and underscoring the importance and value of relationships in life.

Drama Aulaad
Channel Ary Digital
Directed by Aabis Raza
Starring Hina Javed, Hassan Niazi, Marina Khan
Written by Syed Ameer Ali Shah
Timing 8:00 pm (Every Tuesday)
Starting Date 22 December 2020
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Day & Timing

This serial airs on ARY Digital every Tuesday at 8 pm.

Mohammed Ahmed Syed

Mohammed Ahmed Syed

Syed Mohammad Ahmed, often recognized as Mohammad Ahmed, is a versatile Pakistani figure renowned for his roles as a screenwriter, lyricist, actor, and director.

Marina Khan

Marina Khan

Marina Khan is a well-known Pakistani television and film artist, also recognized for her roles as a director and producer. She emerged as one of the leading actresses during the 1980s and 1990s.

Drama Story

The Aulaad Drama is indeed a family-oriented series, brimming with emotional depth and underscoring the significance and worth of human connections in one’s life. The narrative will beautifully portray the profound bonds between parents and children, showcasing their resilience in the face of life’s trials.

In this drama, emerging talents Hina Javed and Misna Malik will share the screen with established and renowned actors such as Marina Khan, Mohammad Ahmed Syed, and Sunita Marshal. With such a talented ensemble cast, the series promises to be a truly exciting and captivating experience for the audience.

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