Aks is a historical, social as well as romantic Urdu novel by Umera Ahmed. The novel based on social evil was released in the Urdu Pakiza Digest in 17 episodes. The final episode of this fiction show aired in the December 2012 issue of Pakeeza Digest. It was then published as a book at the end of 2013 by Ferozsons publisher. Umera Ahmed is a Pakistani writer who wrote numerous novels and short stories and essays.

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She is known for her portrayal of women around the world. She has also won numerous awards for her writing. Umera is considered to be one of the top contemporary writers and covers topics such as religious issues, social issues, and issues that affect women in the forefront. Aks is among the novels that aid in healing the souls of people who have suffered.

Author Umera Ahmed
Country Pakistan
Language Urdu
Pages 481
Publication date January 1, 2010
Publisher AKS Publishing House
Subject Child Abuse

AKS Novel By Umera Ahmed Pdf Download

The main character in the story is certainly an ideal model for all of us. The most important lesson that can be learned from this tale is that any trauma no matter how severe or cruel it may be will be forgotten and one can carry on in their journey peacefully and in comfort regardless of the incident. Aks is a book that can help you rise up and overcome it.

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This is a story that can show us that fate is real and that you can alter your destiny. It’s among the most distinctive and unique written books of Umerah Ahmed. The true emotion and the trauma that children suffer are so close to the real world. She also kept the suspense going well. I was unable to predict the events that would occur the next time!

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It took me quite a long amount of time to become absorbed in the novel, but I couldn’t put it down until complete. Umera Ahmad was a famous female storyteller and novelist. She wrote many plays, and some of her stories were made into television shows by private channels in Pakistan and India.

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Umera Ahmad got fame from Peer e Kamil and Aab e Hayat, which brought many readers. I hope you will enjoy the novel Aks Novel in PDF and will share it with your friends. On this site, you can download the entire collection of Umera Ahmad Novels PDF. You can also go through Darbar e Dil Novel, Shehzor Novel Complete, and Teri Yaad Khare Gulab Hai Novel. Subscribe to our site to receive news about the latest books.

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